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What is my Junk car Worth?FAQs Whats my car worth

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Location-Make-Model-Year-Condition Are all Factors

Free Tow Away And UP TO  $50.00 on most Junk Cars .

Full size Trucks , SUV and Vans $100.00  And UP .

Prices may change Day to Day

Do You Buy any cars , trucks or vans ?

Do you Remove cars outside of Metro Louisville ?
Yes but no more than 5 miles.

Who buys junk cars in Louisville KY ?
we do !

Will you buy my car even if it is a wreck ?

What do I need to junk my car ?
Identification and proof of ownership

If the vehicle runs good will you buy it to ?
We buy all vehicles

How to Sell Junk Cars Louisville KY ?
Call Gene

How do i get rid of a car that doesn't run in Louisville KY ?
Call Gene Now 502-235-1546

What if i need a Tow ?
Call Best Towing 502-235-1546

Where are you at ?
Louisville KY Kentucky Preston and Outer Loop 40219

For More Help Call Gene 502-235-1546